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Religious Art & Spiritual Gifts

By Robin Moore

Religious art is cherished by millions of people all over the world. They treasure these symbols as daily reminders of their faith and spiritual teachings. This is one reason that so many individuals choose religious art as spiritual gifts, whether it is the Ten Commandments or one of many wall plaques.

Today there is a wide variety of carefully crafted objects with religious meaning from which you can select your favorite pieces. Christians from all walks of life will enjoy the spiritual gifts as reminders that any one of these popular religious icons can offer.

One of the favorite statues frequently chosen by a number of people depicts Moses and the tomb of Julius II. The original artwork was done by Michelangelo in the 16th century. The artist was commissioned to sculpt the tomb for this famous warrior pope.

The statue of "Moses for Tomb of Julius II" shows this Biblical prophet holding stone tablets in his hand. On these tablets the Ten Commandments are inscribed. This carefully created copy even depicts the same emotional force and fiery passion that can be seen in the original Michelangelo masterpiece. These religious statues are made from bonded stone and has a marble base.

One of the wall plaques that is sure to add beauty and grace to any home is the one that presents a stunning depiction of the Tree of Life Byzantine Style Greek Icon. This wall plaque is colorful and exquisitely carved with great attention to each detail.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Wall Relief is another popular religious symbol that is sure to find favor with many people. In Mexico this is most beloved and honored of all saints. According to the faithful La Virgin Morena has appeared and spoken with a number of people. Her likeness was even miraculously imprinted onto the cloth material of a peasant's cloak and today this "tilma" can still be viewed in Mexico City at the Basilica. The cloth fabric and the colors are as bright and beautiful today as they were hundreds of years ago. This wall plaque is made of bonded stone and it will be a daily reminder of the stories surrounding the Virgin of Guadalupe. For many people it will be a source that renews their religious faith as well.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help wall relief is another spiritually based, wall plaque made of bonded stone. The Virgin Mary was honored with the title of ‘Our Mother of Perpetual Help' during the 15th century. This was when one of the Byzantine icons depicting her likeness was first painted with gold. Legend states that the gold plaque was stolen and during its long travels people who encountered this likeness of Mary would pray to it and sincere requests would often be granted.

The original icon was returned years later and it was then given this title by which many people now know it today. You can own an exact likeness of this beautiful, artistic wall plaque or you may want to consider giving it as a gift to a friend or family member.

There are also some beautiful wall reliefs that would add beauty to any home setting. Among these are wall reliefs depicting the ornate Byzantine Cross. You can also find an elegant rendition of the Renaissance Cross to hang on a wall or place above an open doorway. These are carefully constructed of durable, bonded stone and can be treasured by generations for years to come.

Both the Byzantine Cross Wall Relief and the Renaissance Cross Wall Relief measure 15 inches in height. The craftsmanship on each piece adds elegance, grace and beauty to these decorative, religious icons.
For those who enjoy the art created by the Old Masters there are also wall reliefs that depict the Archangel Gabriel and the Annunciation. This piece is based on the original painting created by Leonardo DaVinci. This 3 dimensional representation of this famous art work brings the painting to life.

The Ten Commandments are revered in both the Christian and Jewish faiths. Now you can find a wall plaque that features an exacting copy of the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were first written. This is a wall relief that is made from bonded stone and the relief measures 14 inches x 14 inches. This is a perfect size for a wall hanging. The Ten Commandments wall relief will add an elegant and meaningful touch to any room, but even more important this relief will also be a constant, gentle reminder of a person's religious teachings.

There are many miracles associated with the famous religious icon that has been named the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Many people have been blessed to view this beautiful carving in person. Today you can own a Wall plaque featuring the likeness of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Whether you choose this for your own home or as a gift it is certain to be a treasured object for many years.

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Tue Jan 27 2015

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